Born from the dissolution of the livestock division of Lenertz Truck Line, LenCo Inc. was started by Robert Lenertz back in 1981. He and wife Eileen have owned and managed the company from its infancy. Starting with just four trucks, LenCo quickly grew to over thirty rigs serving hog and cattle customers around the upper Midwest and often the far reaches of the lower 48.

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Throughout its history, LenCo has been on the cutting edge of technology in the livestock trucking business. Due to its strong relationship with the trailer manufacturer and the volume of trailers purchased, LenCo was often asked to field test new designs and equipment that the manufacturer wanted to implement. Company drivers were also asked how the trailer designs could be improved and in some cases, those suggestions can be seen in current designs today.

Always looking to expand and try new things, LenCo started in the freight business around the year 2000 with a couple of flatbeds hauling for a small group of customers located around the Twin Cities.

Despite a long and varied history, one thing that has not changed at LenCo is our dedication to customer service.  We pride ourselves on our relationships with customers and drivers and our commitment to doing every job right.